We know that at the moment some parts of the United Kingdom are covered in snow, but any keen gardener will tell you, “It’s never too late to start thinking about Spring Gardening.” There are a lot of things you can get ready for Spring and will help you get a jump start on your garden and will also get you outside too, which during lockdown is extremely important.

Wring Builders Merchant has put together a list of early Spring garden projects which can be done and in some cases will need to be done before Spring starts. If you are unsure whether you’re ready for Spring gardening or not check out our list to get you started as soon as possible.  

Clear Drainage 


There is no doubt that during the colder months leaves and debris gather in drains. This is the time to ensure that the drainage systems are ready to go. Spring seedlings will do best in soil that drains well, so keep this in mind. Vegetable growth is usually quite low during spring, which is why it is the easiest time of year for clearing drainage ditches. Be sure to put cleared materials, usually dead leaves and branches into the compost. 

Scrub Down Your Garden Furniture & Decking 

Garden Furniture

If you have a power washer, this is fantastic if not a bucket and soapy water will work perfectly too. Remove last year’s grime on all surfaces and then let them all air dry. You can also take this time to add a lick of paint to brighten any furniture or fences. If you are nervous to leave the house to get the paint at the moment, don’t worry! You can buy paint online or even buy sample stickers to test out colours. 

Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Pile of fall leaves with fan rake on lawn

Rake the lawn to remove dead growth and winter debris. This helps bring light and air to the soil level which will encourage grass to grow. Now is the time to reseed any bare patches of lawn too. 


Plant Early Spring Vegetables When The Soil is Ready

Rows of fresh lettuce plants in the countryside on a sunny day

Your soil will be ready when it is free of ice crystals and crumbles easily. Soil that is too wet is compacted which reduces beneficial soil aeration. Common spring vegetables which you are able to plant around now are peas, spinach, lettuces and leeks.


Protect Seedlings From Late Frost 

A landscape view on an Autumn morning in frost & sunlight of a garden allotment raised beds for vegetables, plant borders, green frosty grass lawn brown & green leafed tree towards two blue wood sheds

Early spring plantings are vulnerable to hard frost which can set in overnight. If you are due to expect hard frost, it is important to cover seedlings overnight with anything you have on hand. If your garden has space and your budget allows a greenhouse would be perfect for this.

Control Slugs

Large Red Slug ( Arion rufus ) attack leaf of a flowers. Cause of the most damage in garden. Agricultural pest.

Early spring brings wet weather and as a result, this attracts slugs. If slugs are a problem in your garden, it is important to monitor your seedlings for damage and handpick as the pests emerge. You are able to use non-toxic slug control or a more at home way of doing this is to save eggshells and break them up. Sprinkle them over the garden and this will stop any slugs going near your flowers as the eggshells will be too sharp for them.


What Can I Plant In The Spring? 

  • Artichoke 
  • Beetroot
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage 
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower 
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce
  • Peas
  • Radishes
  • Spinach 
  • Turnips


Create A Garden Journal 

Overhead shot a bouquet of an open book or garden planner, glasses, coffee, sissors and flowers over a wood table top ready to plan an agenda. Flat lay top view style.

When it is time to plant again in 2022, you’re not going to remember which flowers, fruits and vegetables did well and aren’t doing well. Save yourself the frustration and grab a notebook to start jotting down all of the things you need to know to become a better gardener. 


Gardening Supplies Bristol

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If you are looking for garden supplies in Bristol then we provide a wide range of garden supplies. From topsoil to garden mulch. If you are interested in finding out more then give us a call today on 0117 978 2693 today.

Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth works for Wring Builders Merchants as a marketing specialist.