Having spent most of last year’s summer at home and in the garden during the lockdown many families started to look at what they could better do with their garden space for the next summer coming up so in the article we will look at how you can start to prepare your garden for the upcoming Summer and how a builder’s merchant in Bristol could be your helping hand.

So, let’s first look at the elements of your garden and how you could improve them. We will start with fencing supplies. Why not give your old fences a make-over with some bright paint and some fence protection oils. These days a builder’s merchant in Bristol such as Wring can supply you with such a large amount of different coloured fence paint that you could have enough to completely multicolour all your fence panels, and why stop there, how about all the wooden benches you may have or railway sleepers, brighten it up like a kid’s nursery.

Kid Nursery For your garden flower beds how about ripping them all out and make them maintenance-free by laying a membrane over the remaining turf then covering with shingle or bark, all available at your local builder’s merchant in Bristol. No more bending down getting rid of those blasted weeds or removing cat poo (not even your cat) from the nice-cushioned earth that Tiddles has enjoyed over a period of time. All aggregates such as bark, pea shingle, chippings, gravel or even sand will do the trick. While you are at it why not go the whole hog and tarmac on your front lawn too, ask yourself when the last time it was that you used it!! You’ll be able to fit an extra couple of cars on too. Right, result if I say so myself.

Creating that lovely, secluded area in your back garden where you can all sit around wasting the day away while poor old Dad slaves over a hot barbecue are perhaps only a dream away. Well dream no more, simply visit your local builder’s merchant in Bristol and view their magnificent range of patio slabs and decking solutions. The fully trained staff at Wring builder’s merchants in Bristol will be able to effortlessly guide you through the whole experience offering free advice on the purchase and the laying of your patio or decking so that everything goes as smoothly as it can do.

Hard,Landscaping,,New,Luxury,Stone,Patio,And,Garden,Of,AnThe grass area, is it looking tired and worn out or just a great big mud bath after last years activities? Have you thought about having artificial turf laid which of course would allow the kids to continuously play throughout the whole year, which will please the neighbours I’m sure, without wrecking anything, well apart from your new beautifully painted fence panels of course? Your local builder’s merchant in Bristol will have a large selection of artificial turf to choose from and also be able to give you the best advice about how to lay the artificial grass, you can’t just roll it out like a carpet you know? You’ll need to remove around 2 inches from your current grass and soil levels if you have borders to match up to, if you don’t have borders then come and see us as we have thousands, anyway back to artificial grass and you will then need to lay a base level of type 1 aggregate over a membrane much like you have had to do when you tarmacked over your front lawn earlier on in this article, followed by the artificial grass itself, our builder’s merchant in Bristol can supply you with everything you need so don’t worry too much. Make sure you choose the right artificial grass though as there are many different types to choose from in our range. 

So, let’s look at what we know so far, shall we? We know that you can get all these materials from your local building merchant in Bristol called Wring Builder’s Merchants which is a good start. From the edge of your property, you can start to brighten up fences with coloured paint, lay edges to encapsulate the look and feel that you are trying to create, add artificial grass or even new turf to give the whole area a brand-new look. You also build your new patio, complete with edgings and you’ve decided to remove the flower beds and replace them with mulch, pea shingle or bark for a much easier life, and to go the whole hog you’ve completely removed your useless front garden and replaced it with a maintenance-free car park. A true transformation fit for the upcoming Summer and making the most of your garden space. All made possible by your local building merchant in Bristol, Wring Builders Merchant.




Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth works for Wring Builders Merchants as a marketing specialist.