Autumn is the perfect time to give your garden a proper tidy before the cold weather properly sets in. As well as clearing fallen leaves there are a lot of simple tasks that will make a big difference when it comes to the aesthetics of your garden. We would recommend putting in a little bit of extra work now so your garden will look neat and well-tended during the winter months. It will also mean you are well prepared for the following spring. 

Clean Up 


We would recommend starting the garden clean-up job by removing any leaves and collapsed stems by either using secateurs or by pulling them out at the base. Leave any stems with nice attractive heads for the birds to enjoy and then remove any weeds. We would then recommend spreading compost or well-rotted manure over the soil to insulate any plant roots, the worms will work this over the winter. 

Piling up leaves under hedges can provide shelter for overwintering wildlife, however, moving leaves from your paths, lawns, and boards is a good idea as they can get slippery. 

Leaves fall in huge quantities during October and November which can quickly cover lawns and borders. If left for too long they can actually kill grass and flowers underneath. Clear spent plants on the vegetable plot before they start to rot and become hosts to pests and diseases. This will give you the best fighting chance.  


Look Sharp 

Nothing looks better than neatly cut edges, mow your lawn for the final time, and use an edging tool to create pristine lines. Takedown any bird boxes and empty them as leaving them dirty can cause diseases. Wash out any boxes with hot water before popping them back, clean out feeders and birdbaths regularly, especially when refilling. 


Prepare Your Pond & Garden

Your pond can be hard to maintain in the colder months. If it’s a large pond the best thing to do will be to clean it of leaves, gunk, and other materials before it gets too cold. We would also recommend covering it to minimize the amount of cleaning you need to do when Spring comes around.

Covering the pond will help to stop the Autumn leaves from falling and will prevent the pond from freezing over giving any wildlife the best opportunity for survival during the winter months. 

Whilst you are covering your pond, you may also want to think about covering your garden furniture and pop your tools in a safe, dry, and secure place. (You should do this all year; however, during the rain and snow, covering this furniture will prevent rusting and general deterioration. 

Whilst you are in preparation mode it is important you look after young plants and trees. These need attention and protection as they grow, especially during the winter months. 



Whilst the weather is dry you should get all of those maintenance jobs done! This means repairing all of the fences, unclogging any drain, and replenishing bird feeders. These jobs may sound mundane and boring, however, they need to be done to prevent problems in the future which could be costly. 

Once you have completed all of these jobs it will make spring a lot easier when it eventually comes around. You will be able to enjoy your garden during the colder months wrapped up in a blanket with a nice cuppa knowing that you have helped your future self. 

Wring Builders Merchants offer a huge range of garden supplies in Bristol, help you to create the garden of your dreams, and give you the bare minimum to do in the spring coming. We offer a huge range of products that can help transform your garden, if you would like more information on this please get in touch on 0117 978 2693.

Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth works for Wring Builders Merchants as a marketing specialist.