Christmas is now officially over. Although you may now have to wait a whole year until you can soak up the festivities yet again, there is plenty more to be excited about. As the days become longer and you begin to reconnect with the outdoors, you will once again be greeted with a vast amount of freedom to do what you want to do.

During winter, it can be easy to watch a whole weekend go by without leaving the comfort of your home. After all, with so much entertainment at your fingertips, relaxing indoors is sometimes exactly what you need after a hard week’s work. Why would you ever need to venture out into that blizzard? Enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage while freezing your fingers off is generally not something that people enjoy doing.

As well as avoiding many social events during wintertime, it can also be easy to put on a bit of weight over Christmas as you may find it less appealing to go on that jog or make it down to your local 5-aside pitch to play a casual game of football with your friends. 

Another thing that tends to be lost by the wayside during winter, is your garden. Like many people, your garden may have begun to look like something out of Jumanji rather than anything that resembles somewhere that you would actually like to spend time in. 

So How can I Start Preparing for Summer?

So as you begin to feel the feeling returning to your extremities, you may be wondering how you can make the most of it. Forget aiming for that beach bod, in this article, we will be going through a number of ways you can get your garden in shape just in time for summer.

Taming your Garden

An unruly garden is the first thing that you may notice as winter begins to draw to a close. So how do we keep the jungle at bay? Although some people may find it therapeutic to sift through their garage and reintroduce their lawnmower to their back garden, no matter how good your lawnmower is, this can still take a considerable amount of time.

How can I Reduce this Time?

The next question may be exactly that, how do I reduce this time? If you find that you have a large green space in your garden, it can be an absolute nightmare to tidy up. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the effort needed to keep your garden in perfect condition. Although you may like the aesthetic of having a completely green garden, there is something to be said about a garden that incorporates a variety of manmade pathways and sections to create a more manageable and contained feel. 

Paving the Way to your Dream Garden

One way of creating a more tidy and presentable look in your garden, while also reducing the time it takes to cut the grass is by utilising paving slabs and block paving to create paths through your garden. These paths can be incredibly visually appealing, creating a breathtaking contrast between natural and manmade beauty. What’s more, is that you can become incredibly creative in the way that you utilise your paving, creating patterns in your garden.

Don’t Sit on the Fence

Creating a great garden space to relax in requires that you take that first step, there is no time to sit on the fence. By tackling these issues as soon as possible, you will be able to reap the rewards as soon as that first surprise heatwave occurs. After all, who wants to be chopping away brambles or mowing the lawn in the sweltering heat when they could be sunbathing and sipping on a refreshing beverage. For those that do like to sunbathe in their garden, you may wish to have a bit of privacy, and perhaps that metal wire fence isn’t giving you what you need. Don’t wait until summer to replace your fence, you can find a variety of options for great fencing in Bristol and the surrounding areas at Wring Builders merchants. 


So don’t delay, if you are looking at your garden today and wondering what went wrong, why not take that first step today? Get outside and think about exactly what you want your garden space to look like when summer comes around. If you wish to find out more, call Wring Builders Merchants on 0117 978 2693 to find out more!

Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth works for Wring Builders Merchants as a marketing specialist.