A garden is usually one of two things, it’s either a gorgeous sanctuary or can be an endless list of unfinished jobs. During the pandemic, a lot of us have been spending a lot more time at home which means we finally have the time to get to the endless gardening list.

Wring Building Merchants want to help you transform your outdoor space by giving you a few tips and tricks for creating the garden of your dreams and help you want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space. 

Create Shelves Into A Herb Garden

Herb Garden

An old set of shelves are absolutely perfect for creating the perfect little herb garden. If you have lots of potted herbs but nowhere to put them. Get your old set of shelves and paint it whatever colour you like. The colour would suit the rest of your garden or even go the other way and be adventurous with the colour to add a vibrant touch to your garden. 

Once it is painted, pop all of your herbs together in one place in the garden and you have automatically made a unique section in your garden. Upcycling old furniture is such a fantastic way to give your garden a new lease of life. 

Use A Mirror To Make Your Garden Seem Bigger

Mirror in Garden

This unexpected piece of home decor can actually work just as well outdoors as it does indoors. They can help to give the illusion of extra space and also reflect the beauty of your plants and flowers. Suddenly one flower will look like two and if you get clever with the arrangement it can look like even more. 

Mirrors can actually help with light as well if you have a section of your garden which is particularly dark, mirrors will reflect the light and enlighten everything around them. This will also reflect warmth too which can help your plants grow. 

Grow Plants From Seeds

Seeds to Plants

The cheapest way without a doubt to get your garden buzzing with life is to sow seeds. You can get flower seeds and vegetable seeds in the garden centre, and what is even nicer if you can get the children involved. Don’t forget to check how many seeds are in the packet as there might be more than you are able to sow in a year, however, you could keep these for another time.

Add Outdoor Furniture

Seeds to Plants

Adding outdoor furniture to your garden can help it become a lot more inviting for yourself and family but can also make it a lot more inviting for when entertaining friends. During the Summer months, there is nothing nicer than sitting on a sofa, table and chairs or even a hammock in the sunshine. Adding furniture will encourage you to spend more time outdoors and allow you to be comfortable when doing so. 

 Use Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor Lighting

Fairlights, lanterns and wall lights can create a pleasing ambience on decking, patios and even draped in trees. The perfect amount of lighting can add a touch of elegance and also make an outdoor space a lot cosier. 

Add Some Plants 

Flower Bed

If you’re growing plants from seeds you may also want to buy some already grown flowers to immediately give your garden a burst of colour. You could create a flowerbed in the middle of your garden to create a centrepiece or have a small flower bed around the garden to frame it perfectly. The beauty of doing your garden is that it’s yours and you can create it however you like. 

Touch Up of Paint

Blue Shed

You will be surprised by how much a lick of paint can transform the look of a fence or a shed. Some people choose to paint their shed black as it helps allow the colourful plants to stand out against the dark backdrop. However, a lot of people use their sheds and fences to get creative with colour and pattern. Our personal favourite colour is a duck egg blue colour, as it is subtle but also eye-catching. 

Add Hanging Baskets 

Flower Baskets

Hanging baskets are such a perfect way to add practicality as well as an aesthetically pleasing feature to your garden. Certain flowers and vegetables do grow better in hanging baskets than others. Some of these flowers include Petunia, Geranium, Fuschia, Impatiens and Lantana. Some of these vegetables include strawberries, small peppers, cherries, tomatoes and lettuce. Growing your own vegetables is such a satisfying activity and is also great for keeping the children entertained as they will love watching the flowers and vegetable form, before their very eyes. 

Some avid gardeners sometimes use cameras to film a timelapse of their vegetables & flowers growing which will result in a beautiful high-speed video of your garden growing. 

Where to Start

Wring Builders Merchants offer a range of building supplies to help you create the garden of your dreams. We offer a range of products which can help transform your garden from paving, garden supplies, fencing and more. If you would like more information about our garden supplies available in Bristol please get in touch with us on 0117 978 2693

Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth works for Wring Builders Merchants as a marketing specialist.