Summer has finally arrived and with it has come an urge to rejuvenate the garden and turn it into a beautiful living space that the whole family can enjoy. This lovely warm weather really does give us an excuse to invest in a garden that we can be truly proud of. 


With this in mind, we have put together some amazing garden paving ideas for you, giving you the inspiration you need to transform your outdoor living space. Say goodbye to the old discoloured patio and welcome your brand new garden today 


Flowing Patio Style  


One of the biggest difficulties when resigning your garden is finding that perfect balance between living space and plants. What better way to resolve this than with your sleek flowing patio design. By ending your passion with curved edges that flow into luscious plant beds you can truly create a garden design that blends into greenery effortlessly. 


Paving Pathway 


If you have a longer garden a simple pathway design may just be the option you are looking for. By doing this you would be able to keep your normal patio completely separate to the rest of the garden. The pathway would lead from the patio down to the grass area which could then be bordered by your favourite plants making a grand entrance to your lawn. 


Outdoor Cooking Space


The number one problem with cooking outside is that your bbq and other outdoor cooking appliances struggle to stay level. By using paving stones to create a cooking space, your appliances will stay level making it super easy to cook up some delicious food for your guest. The fun of cooking outdoors is unmatched by any other form of cooking. 


Secluded Sun Loungers 


As the weather continues to get warmer the sun loungers get more and more use. Have you ever considered creating a dedicated spot for your sun loungers to sit within the garden? Well if not, this is an idea that is great for you. By paving a small area of your garden you can put your sun loungers in a warm and sunny spot, allowing you to get that golden tan that you have always dreamt about. All from the comfort from your own garden.  


Integrated Fire Pit 


Everybody enjoys having an outdoor fireplace in their garden. But have you ever seen a fire pit that has been integrated into the patio itself? Well, this is definitely a very unique garden design idea that not many people have here in the UK. Fire Pits are really good for keeping everyone warm on a lovely summer eve, allowing you to keep the conversation going all night long. 


Full Garden Patio


Not everyone has the goal of finding that balance between green space and patio space. In certain situations, the garden is so compact that it’s better off to just make it all into a patio. If this is the case it may be good to just completely transform your garden into a patio so you can relax with friends outside. If this is something that you are looking for we recommend that you invest in some comfortable garden furniture.


Patio Stepping Stones 


If your garden hangout is at the bottom of your outdoor living space, patio stepping stones are definitely the right option for you. Adding both texture and style to your living space. By using paving tiles with gaps in between you will be creating a way to get to and from your garden hangout without having to step foot on the grass. This is also very cost-effective for those budget-savvy homeowners. 

Kian Jonas

Kian has a passion for unique home improvements content that inspires homeowners to take on their own DIY projects.